Things to consider When Purchasing Asian Walnut Hardwood Floors

Things to consider When Purchasing Asian Walnut Hardwood Floors

Things to consider When Purchasing Asian Walnut Hardwood Floors

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Asian walnut Wood, known in Asia as Acacia, is becoming more and more famous the current years. Even though it will not be supplanting oak as the main bestselling wood floors, it’s continuously rising in the ranks alongside other exotic varieties for example Brazilian cherry. Prior to you buying your hardwood floors, you need to know more details on this superbly elegant number of wood.

The Asian walnut tree doesn’t grow up to other hardwood trees. Consequently, its boards are slightly shorter compared to other hardwoods. The normal floor board is ¾ inch think and averages around four ft long. However, this hardwood rates high in Janka hardness scale, which measures the quantity of pressure required to embed a steel ball inside the wood. The Asian walnut hardwood includes a Janka rating of two,300 pounds-pressure, that is a lot greater compared to the most popular oak, which rates at 1,300 pounds-pressure. Although it doesn’t mean that flooring made from Asia walnut hardwood is going to be scratch-resistant, you are able to securely conclude the flooring will certainly last.


Most hardwood flooring are offered with some type of factory finish. These contain protective jackets of memory, aluminum oxide, or a mix of both, which are put on safeguard the wood from deterioration. The most recent available factory finishes happen to be formulated to create hardwood floors more scratch-resistant. In situation you bought incomplete flooring, it’ll still need undergo finishing when the floors are set up. However, the caliber of the finishing won’t be just like whether it were carried out in a factory.


Asian walnut hardwood usually comes stained in three different colors. Natural relates to wood which has only received a obvious, protective finish to ensure that natural color to become appreciated. This could vary from an easy shade up to the more common more dark hues. Cinnamon-stained, also known as cherry-stained, Asian walnut hardwood boards possess a vibrant, reddish hue. However, smoke- or toffee-stained hardwood includes a slightly more dark hue like the natural colour of the black walnut wood. Due to this, Asian walnut hardwood is frequently used as a substitute as it is relatively less expensive than its cousin.

Natural Variety colored

Because the Asian walnut hardwood exhibits a naturally wide range colored, it’s easier to request two sample boards so that you can picture the way the finished floors may be like. A lot of people expect a particular degree of uniformity within their flooring, while some benefit from the distinctive color gradients that Asian walnut hardwood floors usually exhibit. For any more comprehensive look at just how the end product can look, you can test purchasing a box of boards and start organizing them in your floor. By doing this, you ought to be pretty much sure on whether you’ll be using Asia walnut hardwood for your house. Should you made the decision otherwise, you’ll have only spent a small fraction of the particular price of flooring for the whole project.

Natural Grain

Its loose, whirling grain pattern is yet another distinctive feature of Asia walnut hardwood. Based on your choice, this could tempt you to employ this kind of hardwood for the flooring, or lead you to look for other options.

After you have dedicated to installing Asian walnut hardwood flooring and also have selected the kind of stains and finished you would like, the next phase involves choosing the supplier of the flooring boards. Essentially, you can buy hardwood floors from local dealers, branches of the commercial chain of do it yourself establishments, liquidators, and hardwood floors wholesalers.

The price of hardwood floors is generally greater should you source them at home improvement establishments and native dealers. The second has the benefit of possible cost negotiations and frequently offering free product samples. Liquidators and flooring wholesalers both offer huge discounts. However, the latter’s way to obtain hardwood floors can’t be guaranteed with no warranty is generally offered. Floorboard wholesalers offer hardwood floors at less expensive rates and therefore are more reliable stocked. In addition, most will ship free product samples to prospective buyers. Make certain to check suppliers so that you can obtain the best deal possible.

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